It's about time I did something with this site. I have used it for various things over the past several years but the basic site pretty much remained the same old text on a white background page...with not too much text. I had a link to Cafe Press where I had designed some disc golf t-shirts, an idea that is likely to make a come back. Several have asked me what it was all about and I am sure that I provided a less than adequate answer.

I have used the domain for e-mail addresses so that if I got spammed I could delete the address and create a new one. If you want to be somebody@sigmaphinothing.org I will probably hook you up as long as you aren't a drain on site management resources, have made the proper sacrifices and have eaten at Whataburger on more than one occasion.

I have used the domain to keep all of my disc golfing buddies together in a mailing list. That has been a really handy way to keep in touch, schedule rounds and brag or whine over the game.

Heck, maybe I will use it as a blog. I have a lot of interests that others may be interested in too.

Anyhow, welcome to the fraternity. Rumor has it that there are several thousand members. I cannot attest to that because I haven't seen their dues money, but I am not going to be too much of a stickler for that until I get the membership certificates printed and give you a way to get in touch with me for said certificates.

Be good to each other....